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Brainpower Newsletter

Get your brainpower edge, today. Mindconnection's eNL provides powerfully useful information.

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Each issue is designed to provide you with insight and practical information. It's not designed to pretend to offer something but merely be a sales flier instead. Look through the contents, and you'll see the benefits are extensive. And those benefits come without banner ads, pop-ups, spyware, or other stupid stuff. Our goal isn't to bombard you with obnoxious junk, but to help you live a better life on this crazy planet.


Each issue contains the following sections:

  • Product highlight. This is our only advertisement. We provide a brief description of a product we'd like you to consider, and links for more information and purchase. We believe in the products we sell, or we wouldn't do this.
  • Brainpower tip. How to develop more brains and use what you already have to greater effect. This column often uses current events to illustrate various points being made. If you want to increase your ability to solve problems or prevent them in the first place, you'll like this feature.
  • Finance tip. Many of us make financial mistakes that we simply aren't aware of. And, we overlook opportunities to improve our financial position. This feature helps you see ways to save money and even make more. It does not contain any "get rich quick" information or any ads for MLM.
  • Security tip. Since September 11, security has been a "front and center" issue. And we cover it here. Our focus is on personal security--how you can be just a bit safer in this crazy, dangerous world. We also cover specifics on dealing with the  organization that strikes the most terror into the largest number of people--that's right, the IRS. We provide tips on how to reduce your vulnerability to the often psychopathic actions of these people (we advise you on how to uphold the law, not on how to break it).
  • Health/Fitness tip. Disease is nearly always a choice. The author of this feature has a severe immune deficiency and, according to doctors, is supposed to be sick all the time. But he's not been sick since 1971. Learn what he knows about staying well.

    The most common New Year's resolution is to "lose weight." But people get fatter every year! The author of this feature explains how you can effortlessly maintain a lean, strong physique. Men can learn how to have single digit body fat and curl half their body weight with one hand. Women can learn how to stay off diets while looking their best.
  • Miscellany. This feature contains special offers for subscribers, tidbits of trivia, and whatever else doesn't fit a regular feature. It's always valuable, and always interesting.
  • Thought for the day. We close each eNL with a thought that will inspire, motivate, or challenge you.


The eNL mails out twice a month. What we don't do is assume we can send you any junk we want whenever we want.


We do not share your e-mail address with anybody. Period. Nor do we bombard you with  "marketing" tactics that you didn't sign up for. We do not use banner ads, pop-ups, spyware, or other stupid stuff. Our goal isn't to bombard you with obnoxious junk, but to help you live a better life on this crazy planet.


To subscribe or unsubscribe, send an e-mail to comments @ (take the spaces out of that address) and just ask. You'll also find unsub instructions in each issue.

What readers say:

  • Thanks for your newsletters. Always very interesting and informative!
    -- Merle B. (2006JAN)
  • I have always enjoyed reading the Mindconnection newsletter.
    -- Rajesh S. (2005 DEC)
  • I have read several of the past issues and I have found them interesting, informative, and funny.   Being a ripe old 60 year old (on Aug. 28) I enjoy the mindset of someone that hits on many of the points and issues that I was ranting about about 28 years ago.
    -- Ray P. (2005 AUG)
  • Your NL totally rocks.
    -- Barb S. (2005 AUG)
  • I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the eNL’s. I want you to know that I value the information that you provide and I am always looking forward to the next one.
    -- Jaime A. (2005 MAY)
  • I think this is wonderfully interesting, insightful as well as entertaining. Very well done.
    --Vicky (South Africa) (2004 SEP)
  • Keep it coming. I look forward to getting it.
    -- Larry C. (2004 SEP)
  • I'm glad to report that, 3 years on, I still look forward to getting Mindconnection eNL in my inbox. I like articles that give me a different perspective on things and make me think a little more.
    -- Susheel J. (2004 JUN)
  • Lots of good stuff! Thanks.
    -- Don B. (2004 FEB)
  • Your newsletter is just amazing. I look forward to each issue. The last issue really hit home. We got a new computer for Christmas and were going to give the old one away--we had no idea about the security issues but now that we know how to handle those we can give it away without worry. It's also going to be nice to make it through the holidays without the usual 10-lb weight gain!
    -- Michele (2003 DEC)
  • I've been on your list for only a short time. I am an RN by profession and am highly impressed with your ezine. Keep up the good job!
    --Sharon B. (2003 AUG)
  • Signing up for your newsletter is the best decision I ever made. The information you provide has made a huge difference in my life, and your insights have really changed the way I look at things.
    -- Barbara C. (2003 MAY)
  • In this age of misinformation, you stand out from the crowd. At last, someone who gets the facts right and has his head clearly on very straight. Thank you, immensely.
    -- Ron F. (2003 MAY)
  • I've been subscribing to the e-newsletter for more than a year now.  I want to compliment you on the really insightful and practical information the newsletters contain. I've recommended the newsletter to several of my co-workers and friends. In your latest issue, I really liked the "Cool vs Really Cool" article. I've long maintained that either cool is not dependent on what one does but rather on what one is inside! Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheers!
    -- Susheel (2003 MAY)
  • Oh, my God! It's like a light came on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    -- Carol N. (2003 MAR)
  • It's like you got into my head and anticipated what I've been concerned about--or the things I knew I should be thinking more about, or something. I'm glad I read Mindconnection eNL 2003-03-06. Thanks!
    -- Don B. (2003 MAR)
  • I love getting your messages, as they are always thought-provoking.
    -- Barry M. (2003 FEB)
  • Never have I come across so much intelligent and useful commentary in so little space.
    -- Gene P. (2003 JAN)
  • Thanks for the awesome newsletters! I really enjoy them!
    -- Ben S. (2003 JAN)
  • I don't always agree with you, but I don't want to unsubscribe because I know you are usually right and I can't afford to miss your viewpoints. I quit smoking 9 months ago and I don't drink except maybe once a year but I still drink diet caffeine free coke. I drink less coke than I used to though. You are making a difference
    -- Mary (2002 OCT)
  • Finally. Someone with some sense. I will be saving this email and visiting your site constantly. The world needs someone who cuts through all the b.s. and gets to the heart and truth of the matter. Thanks.
    -- Mary (2002 AUG)
  • I'm especially pleased with your comments on the contemporary media in the latest eNL. So very true! I always enjoy forwarding the better ones to my friends. I look forward to reading your next newsletter. Keep it up!
    - -Daniel Lorente
  • Thanks for the great information you always have. I also live my life very consciously and am "outside" of regular society. As such, I am almost never affected by the economy or popular thought and am very healthy and happy because I "live my own life." Appreciate your support of individual, free choice and responsibility. ---Kindwynd 
  • I really enjoyed your newsletter. It was informative, real and not full of ads. Thank you! -- Lita
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